Retirement Funds Support

Retirements funds is a largely untapped source for investment capital. Avestor's platform provides real estate sponsors the ability to accept investor funds from both Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401ks.

Avestor goes beyond just providing platform support. We have partnered with multiple different custodians so sponsors can quickly support their investor needs. Our end to end support for SD-IRAs and Solo 401ks will accelerate your ability to raise capital.


How do I set up SD-IRA support for my deal?

Avestor provides the necessary support to set up your deals and funds with partner custodians in order for you to accept investor capital.

Does Avestor charge fees for supporting SD-IRAs or Solo 401(k)'s?

Avestor does not charge sponsors any additional fees for accepting self-directed IRA or Solo 401(k) funds. Custodians do charge fees directly to investors to maintain their acccounts and transfer funds to your syndication deal or your fund.

What is the process for for our investors?

For Solo 401(k)s, investors can send money directly to you. For SD-IRAs, each custodian has different processes to fund an investment. In most cases, an investor has to first select a sponsor, open an account and then transfer funds to you.

Is all income from investments tax-deferred?

Yes. Interest received from investments is generally tax-deferred. For Self-Directed IRAs, on equity investments, most income is tax deferred but you may receive Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) from some equity investments. Any UBTI income would be taxable. Any pass through UBTI needs to reported to your investors on their respective K-1s. Please work with your tax accountant.

Which custodians does Avestor support?

Avestor has partnered with the following SD-IRA custodians: 1) AltoIRA - 2) Millenium Trust Company - 3) Madison Trust - 4) Advanta IRA -