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Ace Capital Real Estate Fund

A diversified fund investing in residential and commercial debt loans along with commercial equity deals focusing on multifamily, senior living, mobile home parks and more. 

  • 12-14 months for Debt Deals

  • 3-5 years for Equity Deals

  • Target returns of 7%-12% on debt and 12%-25% on equity

  • Earnings are reinvested in deals

  • Customizable deal slices to lower minimum

  • Minimum capital to join: $10,000

Fund Managers

Amit Jadhav , Juan Carlos Gastelum,

Bobby Sharma

Amit, Juan, and Bobby together bring 50+ years of real estate experience as real estate investors in active and passive deals including debt, residential and commercial equity deals. They are passionate about generating passive income through alternative investments focused on real estate. Their vision is to bring real estate passive income opportunities to investors as part of a real estate portfolio and investment strategy. 

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