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Seed Round
Investment Opportunity

Traditional investment funds have not changed in over 50 years. Imagine if you had to still drive a car that was designed in 1970. Well, if you invest in any kind of funds - real estate funds, startup funds or other types of funds, they have all worked the same way for decades. 

Red Car

Avestor is revolutionizing investing by creating an industry first - customizable funds. Our platform helps fund managers and their investors with a much better solution. A solution where fund managers can easily adapt their fund to changing market & economic conditions and a fund where investors have more flexibility, transparency and customization. Its a win-win for fund managers and their investors.

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Our Phase 1 seed round is now closed with over $500k raised from existing Avestor customers.

Phase 2 will be opening to a select group of friends, family and our network to have an opportunity to invest in our company.

The soft commit process begins on July 6th, 2022 and ends on Aug 15th.

We will notify all investors by August  31st if they are able to participate in this round.

All investor capital must be received by September 15th.

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