Ariel Fund vs. Alternatives

How does our real estate fund compare to other real estate investment alternatives? Its one of the questions we get from every potential investor. The below table provides a summary of how investing with Ariel Fund is different and better.

We compare Avestor's Ariel real estate fund to other common real estate investment options:  1) Purchase a rental property, 2) Invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or real estate ETF.

Avestor Platform Advantages:

  • Customize to your goals - with our platform, investors can create a custom portfolio to meet their needs

  • Track individual investments - unlike REITs and ETFs, with Avestor, you can track the earnings and performance of every investment that you participate in

  • Independent of the stock market - since investors are participating in active real estate deals, unlike REITs and ETFs, they do not get impacted by broad swings in the stock market

  • Diversified portfolio -  Avestor enables you to have a broad portfolio of investments to reduce your portfolio risk

  • Pass thru tax benefits - our Limited Partnership structure allows you to take advantage of the pass thru benefits on equity investments similar to owning a property

  • Passive Income - Avestor enables you to decide how much of your portfolio should be focused on investments that generate passive income

  • Capital Appreciation - Avestor enables you to decide how much of your portfolio should be focused on equity deals that provide opportunity for capital appreciation

  • Be a landlord - with Avestor, you don't have to deal with tenant issues

  • Property Maintenance - no worries about dealing with new carpets, new paint, new roof, and so on

  • Take on debt - no need to take on additional debt like purchasing a rental property

  • Single market risk - your capital is diversified across multiple markets to eliminate single market risk

  • Liability risk - no worries about a tenant potentially suing you

  • Liquidity - while not as liquid as REITs/ETFs, Avestor allows you to customize the deals you want to participate in and the level of liquidity

  • Annual Expenses - we have a fully transparent model with low platform fees and your pro-rata share of expenses, unlike REITs and ETFs.