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Blue Ocean Capital Fund

Bringing a combination of cash and yield generating assets to create wealth generation for investors and contributing to social impact.

  • Cash flow income-focused with appreciation 

  • Target returns of 10 to 12% IRR

  • Asset classes include but aren't limited to multifamily, storage units, triple-net leases, retail, hotels & hospitality, and senior and assisted living 

  • Deal slices $10,000 and higher

  • Minimum capital to join:  $50,000

Fund Manager

Chander Mishra

Chander graduated from the MBA program at NYIT Ellis School of Management and is currently a physician with a specialization in Cardiac Anesthesiology. He is an experienced entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist who has helped build and scale companies by improving their business operations and customer relations. He manages a portfolio of over 125 million at Accel Equity Group LLC, and Blue Ocean Capital. Chander has created an opportunity for investors to invest in large multifamily assets they usually don't have access to. Blue Ocean Capital offers an opportunity to invest in a fund that supports wealth growth and improves communities. He is passionate about helping investors grow their passive income.

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