Investor Overview

Build your custom real estate portfolio

Avestor's Ariel Fund

A Better Way to Invest

Diversifying your portfolio to include real estate investments can be complex, time consuming and capital intensive.  We designed Avestor's Ariel Fund ground up to solve investor pain points and make it simple to build out a real estate portfolio. The Ariel fund takes advantage of all the unique capabilities available on Avestor's Saas platform.

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 Target Returns up to


Annualized on Deals


Active Deals

 Exited Deals


Profitable to Date


Screen + Pre-Invest

  1. The Ariel Fund team researches deals from real estate sponsors, syndicators and online crowdfunding platforms. 

  2. When we identify an attractive deal using our proprietary assessment model, we pre-invest in the deal.

Slice + Allocate

  1. Avestor's unique platform breaks up each investment into smaller units creating an inventory of available "Slices" for investors.

  2. Investors create their custom portfolio by selecting from available Slices or request Avestor to automatically select Slices for them.

  3. Each investor has a custom portfolio of 25+ investments based on their goals.


Earn + Re-Invest

  1. Earnings from investments are passed along to investors based on their share of Slices in their portfolio. 

  2. When each investment exits, investors have the flexibility to re-invest their capital and earnings or withdraw.

  3. Passive gains/losses from the sale of properties and interest income is consolidated into a single K-1 for investors each tax season.