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Custom Fund Offerings

Business models require different legal structures and customized offering documents. Avestor can support your initial requirements as well as ongoing compliance needs as your business evolves.


Business Requirements

We understand different companies have varying business models. As part of our comprehensive solution, we partner with sponsors to optimize  our platform capabilities to meet the needs of your offering. We also understand requirements change over time and adjustments will need to be made to support your needs.


Custom Offering Documents

Once we understand your business requirements, we establish a 3-way partnership between sponsors, Avestor and our partner attorneys. We jointly review your legal documents to ensure that the documents match your business strategy needs.

Form D & Blue Sky Filings.png

Form D & Blue Sky Filings

Ensuring SEC and state level compliance is critical for any private offering. As you onboard new investors, Avestor provides operational support to ensure your blue sky filings are completed in a timely manner to meet state level requirements.

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