Freedom Investor Fund

A diversified fund investing in commercial equity deals (apartments, self-storage) and residential debt deals (fixed rate returns). Investors can build a portfolio that combines passive income and capital appreciation.

  • Target returns on debt deals: 7% to 12%

  • Target returns on equity deals: 13% to 25%

  • Earnings are reinvested into new deals – The compound effect!

  • Minimum capital to join – $50,000

Fund Managers

John Pearl, Daniel Genter

The fund is managed by Daniel Genter and John Pearl. Daniel and John started investing in real estate over 5 years ago and have a combined ownership of more than 700 units. They are both active in numerous coaching programs and masterminds and have experience with both residential and commercial real estate. 


As they’ve grown and learned, another passion has emerged, which is helping others experience the many benefits of real estate ownership. This is mutually beneficial - when we combine our resources, we all benefit more than if going at it alone.


This is Freedom Investor’s first customizable fund. It does not hold real estate directly in the fund, but instead finds the best deals across different platforms and sponsors (syndications) and offers the opportunity to invest within the fund.