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Freestyle Fund

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Freestyle Fund, LLC is a customizable fund offering investors a boutique and personalized experience. The Fund targets curated opportunities across a variety of commercial real estate opportunities. Investors can create their own diversified portfolio across different asset classes, geographies, sponsors, and investment strategies.

  • 2-5 year equity investments

  • Target returns of 6-12% CoC and 14-20% IRR

  • Deal slices $25,000 to $50,000 

  • Minimum capital to join: $50,000

  • Asset classes include but aren’t limited to: multifamily, storage units, triple net leases, assisted living, and build-to-rent homes

Fund Managers

Fund Manager photo 2.png

Melanie McDaniel

Derek Yoder

Richard Guy

Freestyle Fund is managed by Melanie McDaniel, Richard Guy, and Derek Yoder.
Melanie spends her time building relationships with strategic partners and the best operators in the business. She is actively networking at events and conferences to stay abreast of what is happening in the economy and industry. Melanie continues to grow her professional network to discover the best sponsors in the industry for each asset class, and sources opportunities for the Fund. Melanie also handles investor relations and provides the personalized service Freestyle Fund exemplifies.


Richard has a successful background in technology and software development, and has built and launched a number of start-ups. Most recently, he has been managing teams in the technology field. He handles the systems and processes to make Freestyle Fund run efficiently, in order to provide an enjoyable investor experience. He handles investor relations and is committed to helping others grow their wealth via cash-flowing, tax-advantaged investments in real estate.
Derek has worked in the financial industry for over thirteen years and is currently the Director of Acquisitions, Asset Management and Dispositions for a large investment group in Salt Lake City, Utah. Derek underwrites every opportunity to institutional standards and monitors ongoing financials and investment performance for the Fund. 
Together, Melanie, Richard, and Derek offer Freestyle Fund, a customizable and diversified fund of curated investment opportunities to accredited investors.


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