Fund Management Platform

Our fund management platform provides sponsors the flexibility to design & manage their fund offering to meet their business & operational requirements.

Investor onboarding.png

Investor onboarding & verification all-in-one

KYC, investor accreditation and bad actor compliance are all an important part of maintaining SEC compliance. Avestor is designed to simplify the investor onboarding process. Our onboarding flow ensures that all key information has been collected from your investors prior to you accepting their capital.

Offering Flexibility.png

Offering flexibility

With our platform & supporting legal framework, sponsors can set up a fund that includes a variety of different types of deals. We support debt deals & equity deals or a combination of both. Additionally, you have the flexibility to be a standalone GP, co-GP or just have the fund be an investment vehicle where the fund is an LP in other deals. 


Deal fractionalization

Fractionalize each deal on our platform to meet your business strategy. For example, you can fractionalize a larger syndication deal at $25,000 per slice while a smaller debt deal can be fractionalized at $1000 per slice all within the same fund.

Customizable Portfolios.png

Custom investor portfolios

Avestor is the first & only platform where investors can build custom portfolios inside of a single fund. Your investors select deals to participate in & which ones to pass on.  They receive income & capital gains for only those deals they participate in. Avestor consolidates their income, gains & losses across their investments to enable sponsors to deliver a single K-1 to investors. This reduces costs for both sponsors and investors.

Backfill Deals.png

Backfill deals to free up sponsor capital

Our platform is designed to enable backfilling deals seamlessly. With our fund solution, sponsors have the ability to close a deal using their own capital and then free up their capital at any time as additional investor capital comes in. Sponsors still receive their pro-rata share of income & gains for the time your additional capital was invested in the deal.

Continuous Capital Raising.png

Raise capital on a continuous basis

With traditional syndication deals, sponsors can only raise capital after their offering is registered, legal documents are finalized and investors can review those documents. With Avestor's fund model, sponsors can start raising capital in parallel to a deal being finalized. Sponsors can also raise capital on a continuous basis from their active investors.