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Fund Operations

Backend operations can be complex and time consuming. With Avestor's solution, sponsors can focus their time on managing their investments.

Investor Management.png

Investor Management

With Avestor, investor management is simplified. Investors are able to track online every deal in their portfolio, earnings received, return to date and any investment updates. The online portal also provides sponsors with the ability to track critical metrics to determine their most valuable investors.

Deal Management.png

Deal Management

Deal management just got easier. Sponsors can quickly create new investments, upload offering documents, photos, videos, track invested capital, process pro-rata distributions, provide investor updates and manage principal returns.  Our comprehensive platform is scalable to manage hundreds of investments at the same time with ease.

Fund Management.png

Fund Management

Private fund management can be complex and time consuming. With Avestor's tools, sponsors are able to have a comprehensive view of all aspects of their fund. Total invested capital, total deals, investors, capital allocated across asset classes, estimated fund liquidity and other key aspects of fund management. Our automation also simplifies your accounting & tax enabling you do deliver a single K-1 to your investors across multiple equity and debt investments.

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