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Tangram Fund

A diversified fund investing in value-add commercial real estate with a focus on cash flow markets.

  • Cash flow income-focused with appreciation 

  • Target returns of 8 to 10% + CoC and 14 to 20% IRR

  • Asset classes include but aren't limited to multifamily, storage units, triple-net leases, assisted living, and build-to-rent homes

  • Deal slices $10,000 and higher

  • Minimum capital to join:  $25,000

Fund Manager

David Pittman

David Pittman is multimedia producer and project manager with more than 25 years experience in commercial and public media.

For the past 18 years he’s also been an investor of multifamily real estate. He’s a classically and jazz trained musician and has served as a DJ/On Air talent as well as music royalty administrator with Sony Music Publishing. He is the founder and Executive Director of Make This World Foundation, a 501c3 formed in 2009 which produces PSA’s for other non-profits and operates GoodVibe Community Media Network, a digital radio/TV platform promoting independent artists. David is creator of Synch MusicPro, a private networking community for professionals who license music for use in film, TV, video games and other visual media with more the 6,500 members worldwide.  He’s an alumnus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he currently serves as a municipal appointed Cable Communications Commissioner. 

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