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Hospi Fund I

A diversified fund investing in residential and commercial debt loans along with commercial equity deals focusing on multifamily, senior living, mobile home parks and more. 

  • Asset Type: Mulifamily B/C+ asset classes.  100+ units, commercial properties, medical offices, and assisted living facilities.

  • Hold Period: Our typical hold time is 3-5 Years.

  • Transaction Size: $2-10M  Average deal size.

  • Cash on Cash Returns: 6-8% preferred Returns.

  • Appreciation: 1.5-2x equity multiple based on investment size.

Fund Managers

Barton Louie, Lioneil Guevarra

Barton Louie has been investing in real estate since 2018 in long-term, mid-term, short-term rentals via single-family, corporate housing, travel nurses, vacation rentals, apartments, and syndications. He has been studying and learning about real estate investing since 2006. His areas of expertise include underwriting, creative deals, due diligence, real estate acquisitions, asset
management, asset reposition, and disposition.


Lioneil Guevarra is a healthcare professional that has been investing in real estate since 2018. His current investments include travel healthcare and student housing in the San Francisco Bay area. His area of expertise is asset management, repositioning, and industry relations.

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