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Welcome to our partners from Hunter Thompson Raisemasters 

Avestor is excited to partner with Raisemasters. 

In today's highly competitive environment, we understand that every sponsor has to create a unique business model for their fund to differentiate themselves.

Hunter gave you the secrets and training to raise capital.

Avestor gives you a leading edge platform to manage & scale your business.

Unlike traditional one size fits all fund management software, Avestor has designed a customizable fund platform that gives sponsors the flexibility they need to support their unique business requirements. 

Watch our short video with our virtual AI partner, Emma, to learn more about how a customizable fund can help your business grow.

Raisemasters Member Exclusive Offer

$500 off the setup fee to use our platform

Avestor can update existing legal docs to support customizable funds

Avestor can partner with your existing attorney

To receive this offer, Avestor will require confirmation from Raisemasters on your membership status.

Contact Badri Malynur at

or SMS at (503) 860-8374 and say 

"Hunter sent me"

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