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Invest Beyond Multifamily

A diversified fund where investors partner with us in buying daily-use, necessity-based commercial real estate properties in growth markets. Our investment partners have the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios while earning superior risk-adjusted returns on their capital.

•Commercial Real Estate including Retail, Office and Industrial

•Target Return range from 10% to 15%

•Both Income and Appreciation returns

•Deal Slices $50,000 and higher

•Minimum capital to join:  $100,000

Fund Manager

Ash Patel

Ash Patel’s RE journey started with a mixed use building in a college town where he learned that residential tenants added wear and tear to his apartments and commercial tenants improved their space.  In the 10+ years since that first property Ash went on to purchase retail, industrial, warehouse, mixed use, restaurants, medical, office etc.  The commonality in his deals are extraordinary returns beyond what Multi-Family properties can produce.  He has invested in over 30 properties with a total value of over $50mm.

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