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Investments Crafted Fund

A fund investing in commercial real estate and vacant land for flips and cash flow holds. 

  • month to 5+ year debt deals

  • Target returns of 9% to 12% for debt deals and 13% to 25% on equity deals

  • Deal Slices $10,000 and higher

  • Earnings can be reinvested into new deals

  • Minimum capital to join:  $25,000

Fund Managers

Tim Kraus &

Bryan Clifford

Timothy currently manages a real estate investment company for land flipping. He has built successful systems to manage a project from acquisition to leasing or disposition. Over the past couple of years, he has built up a five-person team and established over 75 checklist items and 120 training videos to outline the process that they progress each property through. He currently buys and sells 3-5 properties a month


Bryan has a successful background in real estate investing with experience in both sales and acquisitions. He has successfully run his own land flipping company and helps oversee the systems, performance, and investor relations for the fund. His goal is to help investors exceed their financial goals by providing cash-flowing real estate investments.


Together, Timothy and Bryan are able to offer Investments Crafted, a customizable fund of real estate investment opportunities to accredited investors.

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