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Investor Verification Services

As a sponsor, you are accountable for meeting US government compliance requirements when onboarding an investor. Avestor helps you stay in compliance.


Collect indentity documents

KYC, investor accreditation and bad actor compliance are all an important part of maintaining SEC compliance. Avestor is designed to simplify the investor onboarding process. Our onboarding flow ensures that all key information has been collected from your investors prior to you accepting their capital.


Accreditation Check

Avestor provides sponsors an end to end solution that includes investor accreditation checks and tracking. This ensures that you are always in compliance with SEC rules for investor accreditation. The latest verification  letters are stored directly on our platform making them quickly accessible. 


Bad Actor Check

As sponsors, when you receive a large amount of capital from an investor, its critical you know that that investor has not had previous issues. Avestor's bad actor check provides one more mechanism for sponsors on proper KYC and compliance. 

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