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JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund


We are offering the opportunity for our investor community to invest directly into select projects.  Our Flexible Allocation Fund hosted on Avestor allows investors to choose deal by deal. This allows an individual investor such as yourself to increase allocation to deals you like best. If investors want diversification across multiple assets they can ask about JKAM Diversified Fund II.

  • Direct Passive Real Estate Investments

  • Target Returns of 15%+ IRR 

  • 3 to 5 Year Equity Deals

  • Investors receive both Income and Appreciation

  • Minimum capital to join:  $50,000

Fund Manager

Jack Krupey - Headshot2.png

Jack Krupey

Jack Krupey is the principal of JKAM Alternative Investments, a diversified fund that empowers accredited investors to passively generate reliable returns that routinely outpace Wall Street. He is dedicated to providing clients with the privileged, personal access to strategies for creating wealth without relying on the increasingly volatile public markets. Previously, Jack personally invested in small-multifamily real estate in the early 2000s and managed billions of dollars of institutional money during the financial crisis.

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