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What is a Customizable fund?

We understand that every sponsor has a different vision for their fund and different business models. With our customizable fund management platform, we embrace your differentiation and work with you to optimize our platform to meet your needs.

Avestor Mini-Funds are private funds utilizing the SEC Regulation D framework.

Avestor Customizable fund benefits

Traditional private funds are a one size fits all. Our solution is built grounds up for sponsors to get the benefits of pooling together capital at a fund level while providing investors freedom to invest in deals that meet their individual goals. ​​

  • Raise investor capital on a continuous basis

  • Add new investors to your fund at any time

  • Allocate equity to investors post deal closure

  • Reduce debt by allocating new equity at a later date

  • Investors receive profits based on the deals they participate in and the amount of time they participated in the deal

  • Single set of legal documents reduces legal expenses

  • Single consolidated K-1 for investors reduces operational & tax preparation expenses for sponsors and investors

Interested in learning more?

Avestor provides new entrepreneurs a turn-key solution to create their own customizable fund & manage it on Avestor's platform.


Badri Malynur, VP of Investor Relations


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