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Real Estate Sponsors & Syndicators

Do you have an attractive syndication deal?

Get exposure to verified accredited investors.

Avestor's Ariel Fund invests in attractive syndication deals. Investors in our fund then have the option to take a "slice" of the deal to build their custom portfolio. 


What type of deals do we invest in?

Avestor's Ariel LP fund invests in commercial syndication deals and residential/commercial debt deals. We target deals that exit in 3 to 5 years. We focus our investments in multi-family, self storage, medical offices, student housing and other lower risk asset classes.

How do we evaluate deals?

Avestor utilizes a proprietary risk assessment model to determine if we will invest in a syndication deal. Our priority is to minimize downside risk for our fund investors by evaluating the risk across various vectors that include the following:

  • Property information - age, location, quality 

  • Capital Stack Risk - senior debt, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, sponsor equity & investor equity

  • Deal Structure Risk - hurdle rates, promote structure, GP fees and expenses

  • Debt Servicing Risk - Revenue, NOI, pro-forma, loan structure

  • Sponsor Experience - assets under managements, exited deals & exit performance

  • Other factors including operating agreement terms

Deal Information Required

In order to properly assess a syndication deal, we require the following information from deal sponsors. Our risk assessment model generates its score based on the information provided by sponsors. If all information is not provided, the system will score your deal lower. The following information is required:

  • Complete view of equity stack

  • Property information

  • T-12 financials

  • Forward pro-forma with underlying spreadsheet / assumptions

  • Loan terms & any preferred equity terms

  • Construction timelines, details, assumptions

  • Partner firms - builders, property managers, architects

  • Sponsor Experience

  • Complete legal documents - PPM, LPA, OA's

Interested in Avestor investing in your deal?

Our mission is to help investors build diversified real estate portfolios. We are always looking to expand our network of syndicators. If you are a syndicator with active deals, we would be interested in meeting.


Badri Malynur, VP of Investor Relations


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