Partner Network

Real estate is a team sport and Avestor is excited to join hands with key partners in the industry to help sponsors build and scale their real estate businesses.

GOB Network

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​The GOB Network seeks to democratize coaching, mentoring, and deal-making in the commercial real estate space. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran investor, in the GOB Network everyone is on equal footing and ha equal access to the knowledge, mentorship, and resources available on the GOB Network. There are no hidden fees to be part of our network. Each member is an active contributor to our space.

Avestor is proud to partner with GOB Network to create, train, learn, mentor, find, fund, sponsor, and ultimately help you close not only your first deal but provide you with the support, structure, and resources needed to continue to grow.


Linkedin Capital Raising Accelerator Program


Are you ready to attract high net-worth investors, make key real estate contacts and raise the capital you're looking for by tapping into a new way of using LinkedIn? The LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator program provides the training and know-how necessary to  raise capital quickly.

Avestor has partnered with Yakov Smart and Linked Leads to provide exclusive discounts to sponsors on Avestor's platform.