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Every investor has different needs so we don't try to force investors into the same pre-defined fund portfolio. Instead, each investor or their financial adviser sets the direction of their portfolio. Below are three examples of how an investor could build out their custom portfolio.

Gabriel was seeking short term passive income balanced with long term growth. His custom portfolio is comprised of 75 residential and commercial debt deals for short term income and 10 equity deals for long term appreciation.

Example 1:  Gabriel

Goal: Income & Growth

Age:  55

Investment: $100,000

Style:  Balanced

Time Horizon:  5+ years

Example 2:  Sabrina

Goal: Long term growth

Age:  25

Investment: $30,000

Style:  Aggressive

Time Horizon:  5+ years

Sabrina has sufficient short term income from her job. She is seeking long term deals with an opportunity for higher returns. Her portfolio includes 12 equity deals with $2,500 capital invested in each deal.

Taylor is seeking to increase her passive income. She prefers to have more liquidity. Her portfolio is focused on 75 short term debt deals providing her maximum liquidity.

Example 3:  Taylor

Goal: Passive income

Age:  45

Investment: $50,000

Style:  Aggressive

Time Horizon:  3-5 years

We know that personal objectives change over time. As deals exit, investors can reinvest that capital in a different category and shift their mix. They can also add new capital to their portfolio to shift their mix. This provides investors with the flexibility to shift their capital over time as their objective change.

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