Scalability, Security & Privacy

Built on Microsoft's Azure infrastructure & security, our scalable software platform is designed to scale as you grow.

Scalable Infrastructure.png


We understand that scalability is critical as workload demands change over time. Built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Avestor leverages a combination of monitored and autoscaling capabilities. With autoscaling, we can ensure key resources are available for the demands of your workload when you need it. Whether you are starting your first fund with a small group of investors or you seek to build a large scale fund with thousands of transactions, our platform is designed to scale with your requirements.

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Sponsor & investor data security is job #1. Built on Azure, Avestor leverages a wide variety of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls that Microsoft provides (view the comprehensive list). In addition to baseline security, Avestor has invested in 39 additional security benchmark controls including data protection, endpoint security, threat detection, network security, vulnerability management. asset management and backup and recovery. Our platform adheres to use of industry-standard encrypted transport protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure data during transit and TDE to secure data at rest when stored in our backend infrastructure.

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We are committed to sponsor & investor’s privacy. We leverage a combination of technical and operational measures to ensure data privacy in the collection, storage, processing, and management of data. Our platform, through Azure, is compliant with ISO27001 and 27701 standards for Privacy Information Management Systems framework. We leverage Transparent data encryption (TDE) capability that adds a layer of security to help protect data at rest from unauthorized or offline access to raw files or backups.