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Shark Pool Capital

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Our Diversification Fund is a first of its kind opportunity for new and/or experienced investors to participate in real estate by creating their own portfolio of pre-screened, private placement opportunities.  Our goal is to help our investors reach financial independence through real estate.

  • Multifamily, Self Storage & Hospitality

  • We look for assets with a target cash on cash return of 7%+ and IRR 14%+

  • Value Add, market growth, and other strategies

  • Deal Slices $5,000 and higher

  • Minimum capital to join:  $25,000

Fund Manager


Charlie is a seasoned investor and multifamily syndicator with a heavy focus on the Texas and Arizona markets. He has extensive experience in both capital raising and asset management. Previously, Charlie was in hospitality industry focusing on large hotel renovations both in the US and internationally. With over 33 years of experience in real estate and hospitality, Charlie brings wisdom and significant market insight to Saber Equity investments. 

Charlie Rushton

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