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Three Peaks Capital Fund

Diversified investments targeting value-add opportunities across A, B, and C class multifamily assets in attractive secondary markets underpinned with strong economic fundamentals. Investors will enjoy the benefits that come from a balanced portfolio that combines passive income & strong capital appreciation.

  • High potential multifamily 

  • Target minimum: 6%-8% cash on cash

  • Target minimum: 14%-16% IRR

Fund Managers

Kris Morin, Nicholas Potter, Alex Clark 

The fund is managed by Kris Morin, Nicholas Potter, and Alex Clark - A trio of recognized industry experts in the areas of real estate strategy, law, market evaluation, construction & asset management, and underwriting. With more than 15 years investment experience across multiple asset classes and markets including the Northeast and Midwest, the team has successfully managed multiple stabilization projects and returned 100% of investor income on schedule with leading returns.
We pride ourselves on our mission: to preserve and multiply investor wealth through disciplined underwriting, astute due diligence, and partnering with market-leading construction and property management teams to execute our business plans flawlessly. 

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