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These platforms can be provided by financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages.

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Our goal is to make real estate investing simple for our partners so that they can focus on what matters most in their lives.

•Vacation Rentals & Multifamily

•Target Return range from 12% to 16%

•Minimum capital to join:  $25,000​


Valkere Fund is managed by Chris Levarek, Ashton Levarek, Vivian Lavarek, Jamie Lavarek.
Chris Levarek

Christopher is Chief Operations Manager and a Managing Partner for Valkere Investment Group. He coordinates the management of the company, technical infrastructure, and daily ongoing operations needed to support the business.

Christopher is accountable for the development/management of the Valkere Team and implementing company systems to improve business efficiency. He works in tandem with the Marketing and Sales Team to develop new/existing partner relationships and define/discover new investment opportunities.

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Ashton Levarek

Ashton acts as the sales and marketing manager for Valkere Investment Group. He coordinates the development of new and existing partner relationships and provides innovative ways to increase brand awareness.

Ashton is a retired Air Force Special Warfare Pararescue Jumper, a Sniper, and Combat Diver. With over 10 combat deployments and 21 years of experience working within US Special Operations, Ashton is a strong believer in leveraging expertise and professional experience to ensure mission success and therefore focuses on building effective teams to ensure our investments are successful.

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Vivian Levarek

Vivian is accountable for communication between what is going on with each of our properties and relays this to our internal team along with our investors. Working in tandem with our Finance Manager, she supplies up-to-date information about our company’s financial statements, insights on potential deals, & the status of company operations. She produces monthly, quarterly, and annual investor reports.

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Jamie Levarek

Jamie is the Finance and Legal Manager for Valkere Investment Group. She manages the financial accounts and implements tax strategies for all the business entities throughout multiple projects. She coordinates all legal contracts and works with legal counsel regarding entity creation, legal document procurement, and strategy.

Jamie works closely with the Investor Relations team to improve the investment experience and streamline legal documentation signings, investor distributions and property investment updates.

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Valkere Fund
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