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What is Avestor?

Avestor is a software and services company with a mission to automate & simplify the complex world of commercial real estate investing. We partner with real estate sponsors to provide them an end to end solution to build customizable real estate funds for their investors. Investors can come to Avestor's website to see the funds currently on our platform. Investors are able to build diversified real estate portfolsio across different cities/states, property types and time horizons earning passive income and capital appreciation.

What is the benefit of investing in real estate?

The real estate market has historically performed independent of the stock market. Investing in real estate helps diversify your overall portfolio, provide passive income and opportunities for long-term appreciation.

How does Avestor work?

1) Accredited investors join a private fund offered by Avestor or through one of our partners. 2) Investors build their portfolio by selecting slices of available investments. 3) For each investment, Avestor tracks your pro-rata share of both percentage and time in each deal and distributes earnings to you based on that pro-rata share. Investors have the option to have their earnings and principal re-invested in new deals.

How are the funds on Avestor different than a REIT?

Our platform allocates your capital into investments based on the direction you give the fund manager. This results in every investor having a customized portfolio. REITs cannot be customized by an investor to meet their personal investment goals. Additionally, REITs distribute all earnings through dividends while limited partnerships allows pass through profits/losses and appreciation. Consult your tax or investment advisor to understand the tax advantages of our model.

How is Avestor different than other real estate platforms?

Avestor is unique in numerous ways from other real estate platforms. 1) Most platforms focus on individual deals. We work with fund managers to focus on helping investors build a diversified portfolio over time. 2) Avestor does not originate deals. For our Avestor funds, we evaluate deals across many platforms and sponsors, select the best ones and pre-invest in them. For other funds on Avestor's platform, the sponsor of the fund may be originating the deals.

Are funds on Avestor registered?

The funds on Avestor follow SEC Regulation D exempt offerings. Fund sponsors are required to file a disclosure with the SEC and necessary states but these offerings are not registered or approved by the SEC.

How does Avestor make money?

Avestor charges fund managers a fee to be on our platform and use our tools & services.

Avestor does not charge investors directly for sponsor funds.

For Avestor's own fund, we charge an asset management fee. More information on Avestor's fund can be found in the Avestor Ariel FAQs.

Can anyone invest in the funds on Avestor?

Funds on Avestor are currently limited to accreditted investors.

How much transparency does Avestor provide on investments?

Avestor's platform provides a new level of transparency for investors. Unlike a REIT, investors are able to view the performance of every individual investment in their portfolio. For equity/syndication deals, we request sponsors include all due dilgence documents (PPMs, Operating Agreements, financial spreadsheets). For debt deals, we ask sponsors to provide as much information as available.

Do you perform background checks on fund managers?

Yes, Avestor performs a full background check on the fund managers that start funds on our platform. This includes the following: 1) Federal databases criminal search for the last 10 years 2) County databases crimincal search for the last 7 years 3) National databases criminal search 4) Sex offender search 5) Social security number trace 6) Global watchlist search