About us

Avestor is a Portland, Oregon based software and services company with a mission to automate & simplify the complex world of commercial real estate investing.  


We partner with real estate entrepreneurs to provide them the tools and services that help accelerate their growth while enabling their investors to quickly & seamlessly build diversified real estate portfolios.

Our passion comes from our experience as passive investors who have had to deal with all the complexities of trying to build our own diversified real estate portfolios.

Meet The Leadership Team


Sanjay Vora

Sanjay brings Executive level experience leading teams in a Fortune 50 company. In addition, he has over 10 years of experience investing in commercial real estate . He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a Bachelors in Engineering. 


Chirag Shah

Chirag has over 20 years of Product Engineering experience in a Fortune 50 Company, developing and deploying enterprise software platforms and scalable infrastructure. He has a M.S. in SW Engineering and MBA - Technology Innovation and Leadership from Carnegie Mellon. 


Badri Malynur

Badri has 20+ years of multi-family ownership experience combined with management experience leading large teams at a Fortune 500 company. He has co-founded two start-ups and is an active angel investor. He has an MBA in Marketing & Finance and a Masters in Computer Science.