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Verifying Fund Managers

Avestor utilizes a third party service to perform background checks on all sponsors on our platform. We perform these checks to provide investors additional confidence in the funds that they are investing in.


The following checks are performed by Avestor.

  • National criminal search

  • Federal criminal search for last 10 years

  • County criminal search for last 7 years 

  • Sex offender search

  • Social security number trace

  • Global watchlist search

For each sponsor, you will see a green checkmark. That is an indication that they have cleared all of the above background checks with no issues. If a sponsor has a minor issue on any of the above, we will highlight that sponsor with a yellow checkmark. Investors can get additional information directly & confidentially from Avestor on the issue to make an independent decision on if they want to invest in the fund. Sponsors with a major issue in their background check are not permitted to create funds on Avestor's platform.

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