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These platforms can be provided by financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages.

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These platforms can be provided by financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages, or by technology companies and fintech firms.

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Avestor Features Comparison

Are you tired of juggling between various platforms, services, and providers, all while enduring the high costs of piecing together your capital-raising tech stack? Avestor heard your frustrations loud and clear, and we're here to offer you a comprehensive solution that puts an end to the chaos.

Comparing Avestor to other solutions is like comparing a simple steering wheel to a fully equipped automobile. While others may offer individual components, we provide the entire vehicle, ready to take you on a smooth journey.

One of the top questions we get is, "How does your offering compare to other companies?". To make it easy for you to compare, we’ve created this checklist. Take a look and compare for yourself. If you don't see something and would like us to offer it, we're all ears and eager to add it. Just let us know.

Customizable Fund

Avestor proudly stands as the unrivaled pioneer of Customizable Funds. While others may say they have Customizable Funds, compare our features to theirs and see if that is really true.

  • Unlimited Investments: Avestor does not limit the number of investments in your fund.
  • Unlimited Time: You select how long you want your fund to last.
  • Custom Deal Structures: Avestor gives you the ability to change the structure and compensation for each of your deals.
  • Asset Classes: Our model supports virtually any asset class you want or need.
  • Investment Types: Avestor also supports equity deals, debt deals, loan origination, fixed notes. You name it, we can likely support it.
  • Investor Level Fees: We offer the flexibility to charge different fees for different investors.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  • Fund Strategy Consultation: Not sure where to start? Avestor helps you build your fund strategy. Leverage our extensive experience of launching over 100 funds for valuable insights into fund strategy.
  • Complete Legal Support: No need to find a securities attorney; Avestor partners with numerous attorneys that provide comprehensive legal support, including entity formation, legal documents and SEC filings. If you have your own attorney, no problem. If you want to do some parts yourself, that’s fine too. 
  • Evergreen PPM: Enjoy the convenience of a single, evergreen PPM that allows you to add new investments in a matter of minutes, eliminating the weeks-long process required for creating a new syndication or SPV.
  • Streamlined Blue Sky Filings: Avestor takes care of your blue sky filing so you don't have to.
  • Exempt Reporting Advisor: In some cases, you may have to file as an ERA to comply with state regulations. Avestor has the lowest prices on the market to get your ERA filing completed. We even provide instructions if you prefer to do it yourself.

Deal Structuring

  • Deal Strategy Support: Forming a fund is one thing, but then you have to structure the deals inside the fund. Avestor provides expert consultation on deal strategy, waterfalls and manager compensation. This is not one-off training; we can assist you on every deal in your fund.
  • Financial Models: Explore financial models that illustrate how you can profit with the Customizable Fund model on a per-deal basis.
  • Investigative Software: Avestor can run background checks on your deal partners to ensure proper due diligence for your investors. This is the same software used by the FBI and police departments around the country.

Investment and Investor Management

  • Investor Portal: Avestor offers a streamlined investor portal that provides your investors with a stock brokerage-like experience. Your investors can view their portfolios, returns, transactions, and all the key information about their account.
  • KYC/AML: Avestor provides automated KYC/AML that meets the U.S. government’s “know your customer” and anti-money laundering requirements.
  • Integrated Investor Accreditation: If your investor does not have an accreditation letter, no problem. They can use our simple integrated accreditation process to get their letter.
  • Unlimited ACHs: Avestor provides unlimited ACH transactions integrated into our platform.
  • Electronic document signing: Avestor has the most comprehensive document signing capability in the market. Not only can you do the electronic signing for your PPM and other legal docs, you can use it for other key investor documents that need signatures. No outside service required! 
  • Virtual Cash Balance: Our one-of-a-kind virtual cash balance feature allows investors to accumulate distributions and gains inside the fund instead of taking distributions. They can then quickly re-invest the capital into your new investments.
  • Backfill Investments: Avestor enables fund managers to invest their own capital when closing an investment and backfill later. 
  • Integrated tax & unified K-1s: Avestor is the only platform with integrated tax capabilities. This saves fund managers time and money by enabling your tax preparer to log into our platform to get all your tax data. No need for managers to spend hours pulling together critical tax data every year.
  • Discounted Zoom Membership: We're able to provide fund managers with a Zoom license for a significantly discounted rate at $20/month/user. This includes webinars, meetings, cloud recording storage, and more.

Marketing Support

  • GoHighLevel CRM: Gain free access to the GoHighLevel CRM for effective customer relationship management.
  • Automation and Email Templates: Utilize free automation tools and email templates to streamline your marketing efforts.
  • Tailored Marketing Agency Packages: Access discounted marketing agency packages specifically designed for Avestor fund managers. These packages include custom logos, branding guides, web magnets, branding and avatar consultations, custom videos, and lead magnets.

Accounting and Tax Services

  • Fund Bookkeeping/Accounting: Fund bookkeeping and accounting is included in your Customizable Fund package at no additional cost. 
  • Discounted Tax Services: Our tax partners love us for our integrated tax capabilities. Access our partner network for discounted tax services to file your fund tax return and issue K-1s.

Mastermind and Training

  • Exclusive Mastermind Membership: Our exclusive Mastermind is included and available only to Avestor fund managers. Engage in weekly discussions on fund strategies and invest in each other's deals.
  • Dedicated Slack Channel: Access a dedicated Slack channel for discussions on marketing, legal, compliance, and more.
  • Training Sessions: Participate in Avestor's self-paced and live training sessions to enhance your skills.
  • Deal Sharing Tuesdays: Gain access to top-tier sponsors from multiple asset classes offering preferred terms exclusively to Avestor fund managers.
  • Avestor Summit: Benefit from discounted access to our annual Avestor summit, open exclusively to fund managers.
  • Comprehensive Online Course: Learn everything you need to know about launching and scaling a fund in our exclusive online course for Avestor fund managers, developed with Lance Pederson.

Additional Services

  • Service Provider Discounts: Get access to significant discounts for a wide range of service providers.
  • Referral Program: Earn a referral fee of $1000 for each fund manager who joins the Avestor platform through your recommendation.
  • Fund Manager Insurance: Access discounted fund manager insurance.

‍Now that you’ve learned just how much is included in your Avestor Customizable Fund, why settle for any other platform? Schedule a free strategy call today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your capital raising goals. 

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