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Discover how raising capital can be made easy through customizable funds and a seamless investment experience.

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These platforms can be provided by financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages.

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These platforms can be provided by financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages, or by technology companies and fintech firms.

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Collaborate, Learn, Thrive: Join Avestor's Exclusive Mastermind for Capital Raisers

If you’re interested in the customizable fund but aren’t quite ready to launch, Avestor has a new offering designed specifically for you.

Until now, our mastermind has been exclusive to customizable fund managers, but we’re opening it up to other capital raisers looking to learn from their peers and grow their businesses faster.

Whether you’re brand new to capital raising or you’re an experienced sponsor or fund manager, this mastermind is packed with valuable resources to help you grow. Here are four of the key benefits you can gain by becoming a member:

1. Access to a Powerful Network of Capital Raisers

With the Avestor mastermind, you gain access to a diverse network of 100+ capital raisers and syndicators who are committed to helping each other grow. You can learn how they are leveraging the power of a customizable fund  and craft a strategy that will fit your plans.

We host weekly meetings where mastermind members can talk about their work, ask questions, and get advice and inspiration from their peers. And our exclusive Slack channel fosters even more collaboration, featuring discussions on a wide range of topics, from tax strategies to capital raising techniques and marketing tips. 

Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge or simply make meaningful industry connections, this network is an invaluable resource.

Here’s what one of our current members has to say about his experience:

2. Resources to Help You Grow

We’re always looking for ways to help our members accelerate their business growth. We host frequent training sessions on a variety of topics that will help you launch and scale your capital raising business, whether you’re starting your customizable fund today or just starting to learn about the benefits.

3. A CRM Built to Fit Your Needs

Managing and growing your investor base has never been easier than with a CRM provided by Avestor! We build out automations and email templates that you can use to keep track of new prospects, communicate with current investors, and more. 

4. Investment Opportunities and Preferred Terms

Because of our thriving community, our team at Avestor has been able to negotiate preferred terms for our fund managers for certain opportunities.

For example, we partnered with one short-term rental fund to provide Avestor fund managers with an exclusive 9% preferred return and a 90-10 split after 9%. With these negotiated terms, fund managers could offer their investors more attractive returns while keeping a larger portion of the split for themselves.

We also hold calls where sponsors from within and outside of the Avestor network present powerful investment opportunities. Our members frequently partner together on deals, or raise capital for each other’s deals within their customizable funds.

Every member of the Avestor mastermind is committed to helping each other succeed, and together, we’re all able to achieve more than we could on our own. 

To learn more about the customizable fund model and the specific ways a mastermind membership can help your business grow, schedule a strategy call today. Let’s partner together to reach new levels of growth!

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