Investment Opportunities

Browse our list of customizable real estate funds. Unlike traditional real estate funds, Mini-Funds allow investors to add capital over time and select only the investments that meet their personal goals.

How it works:

1)  Select a customizable fund that you would like more information on

2)  We will connect you to the fund manager directly

3)  If you decide to invest, the fund manager will activate your account on Avestor 

4)  Start building your diversified real estate portfolio

Mini-funds are based on SEC Regulation D


Residential & Commercial Debt

Real Estate Fund

A diversified fund investing in high quality debt loans for single family homes. Investors can build a custom portfolio focused on passive income

Fund Manager

Bobby Sharma


Deal Slices $5000 and higher
Minimum capital to join:  $10,000

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Commercial Equity

Saber Equity
Diversification Fund

Build a diversified investment portfolio of real estate assets across a variety of opportunities which include multifamily, self-storage and hospitality.

Fund Manager

Sabrina Guler

& Charlie Rushton


Deal Slices $10,000 and higher
Minimum capital to join:  $50,000


Debt & Equity

Avestor Ariel

Build a custom portfolio that includes real estate investments across residential debt, commercial debt and commercial equity. 

Fund Manager

Sanjay Vora


Deal Slices $1000+ (debt) / $2500+ (equity)
Minimum capital to join:  $50,000