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Investment Opportunities

You've been looking for a way to diversify into alternative investments, but you don't have the time or expertise to invest. On Avestor, you can partner with professional fund managers to invest in curated, fractionalized investments.

How Avestor works:

1)  Select a fund that aligns to your investment goals

2)  Meet with the fund manager to start your relationship.

3)  Review available fractionalized investments from that fund manager

4)  Join that fund to start building your investment portfolio

Funds are based on SEC Regulation D

Customizable funds for accredited investors

BetterCapital - new logo.jpeg

BetterCapital Real Estate Fund

A diversified fund investing in high quality debt loans for single family homes. Investors can build a custom portfolio focused on passive income.

Sig_Wealth logo - login.png

SIG Wealth Fund

A diversified wealth fund where investors can select from debt products and best in class syndication deals. 

Bluestone Flagship Fund

Diverse fund ranging from real estate syndications, value-add commercial deals, angel investing in technology, and defi startups. 

JKAM Flexible Allocation Fund


Our Flexible Allocation Fund allows investors to choose deal by deal. This allows an individual investor such as yourself to increase allocation to deals you like best. 

Freestyle Fund

Freestyle Fund Logo (400 x 89 px) Black on transparent.png

A diversified fund that invests in a variety of recession-resistant asset classes, with a focus on value-add multifamily. Freestyle Fund offers a boutique, personalized experience to investors.

GOB Network Fund

A customizable fund offering investors the opportunity to diversify across many asset classes and a varied asset allocation in commercial real estate. The Fund targets opportunities in a variety of commercial real estate opportunities. Investors can create their own diversified portfolio across different asset classes, geographies, sponsors, and investment strategies. 

Ace Capital Real Estate Fund

A diversified fund investing in residential and commercial debt loans along with commercial equity deals focusing on multifamily, senior living, land, mobile home parks and many more.

Sharkpool logo.png

Shark Pool Capital Fund

Create your custom portfolio of select multi-family, storage, industrial and AirBNB assets with deal allocations as low as $5000.

Boost Wealth Fund

Preserve and boost your capital through passive real estate investments. Build your own portfolio by diversifying your investments with high-quality assets in key locations with opportunities to add value.

Freedom Opportunity Fund

The Freedom Opportunity Fund (the "Opportunity Fund") invests in a portfolio of diverse and substantially uncorrelated strategies seeking the optimal mix of risk and return. The unique structure of the Opportunity Fund allows investors to make their own personal selection from the individual strategies inside the Fund. 

Omni Real Estate Fund

Build a custom portfolio of residential and commercial real estate investments in debt & equity. Featuring opportunities in self storage, multi-family & single family  real estate.

Airworthy Capital Fund

Airworthy Capital C Fund targets commercial self-storage and multi-family deals with veterans on the management team. We look for various opportunities for equity and debt available to accredited investors. Our minimum investment is $25k in our fully customizable fund.

Streamline Capital Fund

Streamlining the investment process for you. Bringing institutional class investments from the best operators in the best locations to maximize returns with a minimum amount of risk.

Hospi Fund I

We seek underperforming assets and improve them through renovations, efficient management, and enhance overall resident experience which provides stronger returns for our investors.

Invest Beyond Multifamily Fund

A diversified fund where investors partner with us in buying daily-use, necessity-based commercial real estate properties in growth markets. Our investment partners have the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios while earning superior risk-adjusted returns on their capital.

Cross Mountain Capital Fund

We invest as a principal in all our deals. We achieve outsized returns by identifying opportunistic and heavy value-add investments, executing on our business plan, and leveraging existing competitive edges in our target market, including our management infrastructure and crews.

Valkere Fund

A diverse fund that specializes in creating opportunities for wealth by investing in value-add commercial assets and vacation rentals throughout the U.S. We pride ourselves on making real estate investing simple for investors since 2018 with over $100M in assets under management.

Three Peaks Capital Fund

Diversified investments targeting value-add opportunities across A, B, and C class multifamily assets in attractive secondary markets underpinned with strong economic fundamentals. Investors will enjoy the benefits that come from a balanced portfolio that combines passive income & strong capital appreciation.

Think Outside the Stocks Fund

True to the name Think Outside the Stocks the fund is dedicated to providing diversified options outside the stock market, so busy professionals can get educated and participate in the diversified options to generate passive income

Blue Ocean Capital Fund

Bringing a combination of cash and yield generating assets to create wealth generation for investors and contributing to social impact.

Significan Lifestyle Communities Fund


We build extraordinary communities where we make our customers, our residents priority number one! This People-First Principal compels us to stand out in a crowded market and deliver a quality of life product that people are longing for!

Freedom Investor Fund

A diversified fund investing in commercial equity deals (apartments, self storage) and residential debt deals (fixed rate returns). Investors can build a portfolio that combines passive income and capital appreciation.

Investments Crafted

A fund investing in commercial real estate and vacant land for flips and cash flow holds. 

JH Capital Fund

A customizable fund investing in diversified A, B, and C class investment properties and debt products in high-growth markets. Our flexible allocation fund allows investors to choose a deal by deal.

Avestor Ariel Fund


Build a custom portfolio that includes real estate investments across residential debt, commercial debt and commercial equity. 

More funds on the way....


Opportunities for non-accredited investors

Due to SEC regulations, non-accredited investors must have a pre-existing relationship with a company prior to receiving information about their offerings.

We recommend passive investors join various networks such as the GOB network.  At these networks, you can meet and establish relationships with fund managers and deal sponsors.  Some of these fund managers have customizable funds that you can invest into after you have established a relationship.  If you would like more information or education, please reach out to Avestor at and we would be happy to help you.

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